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A Retreat for Wedding Filmmakers
wedding filmmaking workshop


Immerse is a weekend retreat devoted to all things wedding filmmaking. Grow as an artist and a business as we dive into discussions, hands-on shooting, and editing. Build community with like-minded creatives and leave motivated and refreshed.

We'll wear our hearts on our sleeves. You’ll hear why we love and believe in what we do, the mistakes we’ve made, and the honest truth about any question you have. We’re all in this together.


Kind Words

Immerse was a game-changer for me. I think the biggest takeaway from it was that if you want to be an exceptional filmmaker, there are actual TANGIBLE steps you can take to get there. It’s easy to think that some people are just talented or get lucky with the kinds of couples they get, but Immerse taught me that that’s not really the case - anybody can be an incredible filmmaker if they know/do the right things and work at it. I came away with a long list of things I wanted to immediately change about my business and the way I approached weddings. It gave me a fresh perspective and I left feeling incredibly inspired and driven to be a better filmmaker. Absolutely worth the investment. Seriously a priceless experience.
— Alexis W // Seattle, WA
Immerse was some of the best money I’ve ever spent on myself and my art. I went into the weekend with the motto of, “if I’m not willing to invest in myself, no one else will.” Yet, I left with a lot more than I intended. I walked away a different filmmaker with a renewed passion in my craft, inspired to create, and lots of new friends. Josh, John, and Adam are all kind, humble, and candid filmmakers who have heart behind their work and want to invest in others. I wish I could go to California and Colorado as well just for the epic dance party! 11/10 recommend Immerse.
— Hallie J // Spartanburg, SC

Upcoming Location

San Luis Obispo, CA

Nov 8-11, 2018

Topics Covered

How to find the right couples

vendor relationships

business management

Camera settings and audio capture

shooting techniques

reception lighting

packaging and pricing

Crafting the Story

How to stay passionate

color grading


and more!


Weekend Schedule


Arrive Thursday evening.

Casual dinner followed by a session of sharing our philosophy, our "why", and an overview for the weekend. Campfire hangs after.


After we all wake up to a cup of Joe, we'll dive headfirst into sessions and discussions. The second half of the day will be hands-on shooting to gain "in the field" practice! (pun intended!) 


A day dedicated to post-production. Editing, storytelling, color, workflows, delivery. Bring a laptop to practice with that crispy footage you shot on Friday! To cap off a great weekend, we're hosting an epic dance party. Get ready.


Recap + final Q&A session. We'll be finished by late morning, and we will be forever grateful that you took a weekend to hang with us!


  • Do I have enough experience to attend?
    • You do not need to have an established company to attend! What's most important is that you have a genuine passion for wedding filmmaking. Whether you've shot 1 wedding, or 50, you will benefit from Immerse.
  • What does the ticket price include?
    • The price includes a 3 night stay, all food and drinks, a bunch of new friends and countless good times!
  • What airport should I fly into?
    • CA Immerse is just 3.7 miles from SBP airport. A quick uber or lyft and you're there! Alternatively, you can fly into LAX or SFO and drive down. Connect in our Facebook group to find a carpool buddy!


Can't make it to San Luis Obispo? We will be having another retreat in Denver spring 2019. Sign up below to stay informed.

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