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A Retreat for Wedding Filmmakers
wedding filmmaking workshop


Nashville, TN
March 22-25, 2018

San Luis Obispo, CA
November 8-11, 2018

Denver, CO

What is immerse?

Immerse is a wedding filmmaking workshop for those interested in beginning or furthering their craft. We are 3 friends with over 15 years of combined wedding filmmaking experience. While we all have our own unique styles,  what we share in common is our whole-hearted approach to wedding videography.  We are so passionate about this approach that we want to travel to 3 different states and share about what we think it means to be fully immersed in wedding filmmaking.

why immerse?

We are humbled every time a couple  asks us capture the biggest day of their lives. We're not sure they always realize it, but we get the opportunity to create an heirloom - something that will live on beyond their lives. Their great-grand kids may even watch their film one day and learn something new or magical about their family lineage and the power of love they come from.

It's this mindset that guides our approach to creating a wedding film.  We're excited to share how this approach applies on a pre-production, production, and post-production level, and how it will grow you as a filmmaker,  build your business,  and give your couples a gift for the rest of their lives.

Who is immerse for?

Immerse is for anyone who has a passion for wedding filmmaking and a desire to push themselves and the limits of the industry norms.  Whether you have 1 wedding under your belt, or 50, we believe Immerse will help people take their films and businesses to the next level.  We also think Immerse will be a great fit for photographers ready to take the step into the video world. Our hope is that you'll leave feeling inspired, encouraged, and prepared to create more meaningful films.   You'll also leave with a network of new filmmaker friends and footage for your portfolio.

We have broken down the topics and schedule for the weekend into pre-production, production, post-production. We plan to cover the full extent of running a wedding filmmaking business from start to finish. 

This is an all-inclusive retreat where all food and drinks will be provided.   Don't hesitate to reach out via the contact form or at for any questions or to find out if Immerse is right for you!


The Team



I started creating videos how most guys do - making Jackass videos with friends. I always found it amazing to be able to capture a special (or hilarious) moment in time and replay it as much as you want. Videos are time machines. I saw they brought laughter and smiles, so I kept creating. During college, I made some prank videos, and then stumbled into the wedding video world shortly after. 

Reason for joining Immerse:

I have found incredible fulfillment in being a wedding filmmaker the last 5 years. It is a great mix of emotion, relationship, celebration, and endless creative opportunities. A few years back, I was lucky enough to sit in on a workshop of one of my favorite wedding filmmakers. Looking back now, that experience changed my trajectory completely. I left feeling inspired to create wedding films for a living, and I hope this weekend can inspire that in you, too.


 Adam Bradley


As a college student, filmmaking was the first medium that helped me communicate the ideas my soul was processing. I quickly fell in love with the art of storytelling after picking up a camera and haven’t turned back. Being able to capture, communicate, and share love stories with couples all over the world has made me a better artist and filmmaker.

Reason for joining Immerse:

I have always believed that filmmaking is not only driven by collaboration, but becomes more creative through collaboration. There are very few filmmakers in the wedding industry who are making each other stronger and better at their craft. John and Josh have made me a better storyteller and filmmaker. So, for me, Immerse is simply about becoming a better wedding filmmaker, and being surrounded by others who have the same passion.


 John Burman
Steelhead Cinema


I took a video production class in high school, which was really an excuse to film skateboard and scooter videos. I loved being able to capture those sweet tailwhips and relive all the bails. Fast forward 7 years, and I was locked into a full time gig at an environmental consulting firm, making maps, when I realized all I wanted to do was go back to filmmaking.  I bought a camera, shot a wedding for a friend and fell in love with the craft.

Reason for joining Immerse:

Being hired to shoot someone's wedding has been one of the greatest privileges I’ve been given. As wedding filmmakers we have the power to create a piece of art that can reignite all the emotions, tell a story, and serve as an heirloom for future generations. I think a wedding is far too special of an event to follow a template, and deserves a whole-hearted approach from start to finish. My hope is that attendees will leave inspired and encouraged to go out and create meaningful works of art.



How to find the right couples

Vendor relationships

Branding and Social Media

business management

Camera settings and audio capture

shooting techniques

reception lighting

drone, b-roll, and timelapse capture

Crafting the Story

How to stay passionate


. . . and lots more!



Weekend Schedule


Arrive Thursday evening.

We'll kick it off with a great meal, hanging out, and a session covering our backgrounds and philosophies on wedding filmmaking. Then we'll light up the campfire, sip some beverages, and get to know YOU and where you are at in your journey.


Pre-Production discussions throughout the morning. Later in the day, begin sessions for Production. 

The Production sessions will cover all topics that relate to shooting on a wedding day. Tips on camera gear, lighting, audio, and shooting drone footage. We will also go over important wedding day topics and techniques that are essential in helping make a wedding day run smoother, capture those meaningful moments in real-time, and establish future opportunities to grow your business by connecting with other vendors.

Sessions will also include hands-on shooting where you can see what we do and think about at every point during the wedding day. We will have a mock-wedding setup with a couple and some volunteers to simulate some big moments of the day including: getting ready, first look, ceremony, portrait session, and the dance party. 


The final full day we will share our tips in the Post-Production process. This will cover everything that happens after the wedding day is over.

Sessions will include editing tips, story development, color grading, relationship building, and how to set your business up so that you can gain more business after shooting a wedding.

To end the weekend, we will be hosting a dance party that night to practice shooting receptions and get our dance on!


We will conclude the retreat with a recap and final Q&A session. We'll be finished by late morning, and we will be forever grateful that you took the time to hang with us! 


Nashville, TN
March 22-25, 2018

Denver, CO
July 19-22, 2018

Central Coast, CA
November 1-4, 2018

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